Aries Twelve-Monthly Forecast for the Year 2011 With List of Major Planetary Movements

Has it ever occurred to you how the unique individuals are put together in a workplace? To make an ideal world, it is not necessary for your colleagues to be clones – but there must be some cohesive force in order to get a positive tone.

Nobody has a liking for working in a place if it has the implicit message saying “Bite your tongue”. Communication would be caring and open only when you make the environment participative; the chemistry between the coworkers would sizzle. Even though there may be the sparks of conflicts flying, giving vent to the disparities in a healthy way offers chances for improving the product.

What is happening in your place of work? Are the people listening as they speak? Similarly, do you have any interest to know what others want to say and do you look for exchanging information? Do you enjoy your work dynamics on the whole and look to an upwardly moving career path? Or have you got the omen that you are having the ride in the elevator to get to the ground level for the last time?

Fire Signs in the Workplace (Sagittarius, Leo and Aries):

Fire signs radiate confidence and make you feel happy that you joined the company. Being team players, they want a massive share of the attention, but at the same time they take care their coworker’s contributions also get acknowledgement. Their egos get hurt easily, but mercy is immediate. At the time of interview or having a meeting with fire sign members, you will be greeted with smiles on their faces, firm handshakes and a request to have a seat. This group is action-oriented and would like to get things moving. You must be wise to keep a progress report, a plan or a proposal prepared for discussion. If you lose the point, the fire signs will be bored. They would like to get to the point, and may assume you are not ready. Fire signs will be annoyed with employment candidates who fail to answer their questions clearly. You will be offered a position by most of the fire signs in a record time. If you do not get selected, you will need to do the calling. If they fill the job without you, by the time you come to know about this your name have been forgotten by them.

Water Signs in the Workplace (Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer):

Water signs can talk using their eyes. Usually they remain quiet in a group, but let in all aspects of the discussion. They demonstrate determination in executing assigned work and please their boss with productivity. Water signs instinctively dive in involvement on important work assignments. Their buoyancy brings in acknowledgement and financial reward. Many water signs are comfortable in the field of human resources, because they flourish in contact with people. As conversationalists, they are quite amiable and efficient in making you feel at home. In the role of employers, they encourage the concept of total person and attract job seekers who want a balance between home life and work. Waters are rarely oppressors making you work on the holiday shift – but frequently they themselves do it. And they will definitely complain about it. Often employees take for granted the empathy shown by the waters and tell sob stories in order to cover up their inefficiency. It is not at all a good thing to do, as the water sign boss can watch your eyes lying. scorpio horoscope

Earth Signs in the Workplace (Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus):

As communicators, earth signs mull over their words. They do well on objectivity and get their thoughts organized prior to speaking, delivering a speech or answering questions. They speak the language of accomplishment, and they feel proud of their work performing as team members or as individuals. This group tends to buy time posing a question if placed on the spot. The halt gives them an opportunity to get back the control over the situation. They prefer to be correct than retracting statements or giving the impression of misinformed. They climb up the success ladder with much deliberation. For earths change is not easy to come as they tend to follow set routines. When you go into their office they may be amicable, but the majority of earth signs do not like frequent intrusions from coworkers or subordinates. Earth signs may use “distance” strategies – all of a sudden they have to depart to attend a meeting until the field is clear. With an earth sign employer always have an appointment or call in advance; this group gives much importance to timelines.


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