How to Fix a Fast Battery Drain on Your Redmi 9 Power


Mi 9 Power comes with some impressive features which makes it a must have phone for all. The beautiful dual screen feature and high-end hardware will surely fascinate you. If you’re wondering how to buy this beautiful mobile then this is your complete guide to learn about the fascinating Redmi 9 Power and its unique specs and specifications. Here we will discuss in details the impressive specs and features of Redmi 9 Power that’s giving new challenges to other leading mobile players across the world.

One of the most important and significant features that you should consider while buying a smartphone is battery life. You should not buy a handset having high-end features if it has poor battery life. The Mi 9 Power has excellent battery life and lasts up to two weeks with ample usage. You can get long-lasting talk time and high web browser performance with this smartphone. The only drawback of this smartphone is its lack of any external memory card which hinders storage expansion and application downloading.

Another common problem that most users are facing is Wi-Fi issue and heating problem. The Mi 9’s Wi-Fi issue is yet another common problem that is affecting most of the smartphones. Wi-Fi issues occur due to various reasons and can be fixed by simple software upgrade. A recent update from Google resolved this issue. There was another overheating problem which affected the Wi-Fi connectivity of Mi 9 and users were faced with this problem while using the handset. This overheating problem is fixed by installing the latest firmware version of the device. Mi 9 Power

Another big problem that most users are facing regarding the Mi 9 Power is its slow user interface. It has one of the worst slow user interface as far as I can say. This slows down the overall functioning of the phone so much that one has to be careful when doing multitasking on the handset. Other than the slow interface, the Power has some other bugs in its features. For example, the Facebook app crashes frequently on the smartphone and the Google Play app does not function very well on the handset.

One of the easiest ways to fix fast battery drain on the Mi 9 Power is to optimize the device settings. You need to go into ” Settings” and “System” tab and customize the various options available to you. For instance, you can select the cell frequency in order to adjust the network speed. You can also fix the speed problem by updating the firmware of the handset or by replacing the SIM.

Now-a-days several websites are selling refurbished or used Mi 9 Power handsets through online portals. The redmi 9 power users can buy their favorite handset through online portals at affordable rates. In fact, most of these websites have huge stock of used devices with excellent functionality and quality. If you want to buy a smartphone of your choice, then make sure that you go through online portals. These websites not only offer a good price but also provide comprehensive information about the product.

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