Wet Dog Food Verses Dry Dog Food

The funny thing is that food for dogs is manufactured by humans and none of us can or will ever know what is going on in a dog’s mind. Why do they decline to eat certain food items even though it cost us a lot and looked very attractive (the packaging I mean), is a big mystery. As responsible pet owners, we can only go on guessing. If only dogs could let us know what they want to eat.

So what do you feed your dog? Do you go for dry food such as kibbles? Or wet food such as the ones which just need a bit of water and are ready to be served? Just like the debate between dry food and wet food, the choices available are also varied thanks to the huge variety of pet food items available these days. Even if you choose to buy dog food online instead of going to the nearest pet shop, you will be left totally confused!

Let us look at the benefits of dry food first:

• Easy to store
• Easy to feed
• Lower prices
• Offer dental benefits for your dog
• Are stocked with more calories
• Easy to measure
• Not at all messy

Now let us look at the disadvantages of dry food for dogs: russian grocery store

• Often contain more grains than what is written on the packet
• Contain more preservatives than dry food

Most pet dogs across the world are fed a diet of dry dog food and you can understand why by looking at the benefits listed above.

So why go for wet dog food at all?

Here are a few benefits of the same:

• Contain more fat and protein
• Easy to eat
• Are more palatable
• Contain much less preservatives than dry food
Now let us look at the cons of wet dog food:
• Higher prices
• Are known to contribute to dog obesity

Dispelling the myths

It is a common myth that dry pet food is much better for the dental health of your dog. It is also another common myth that wet dog food, contributes to building up of plaque. However, now it is time to dispel the myth! Dry food also contributes to plaque build-up as much as wet food items do! This is exactly why certain dog food companies have come up with “dental diet foods”.

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